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7 Benefits of Custom Gearing

Gear manufacturing can be a complicated process, whether you are designing new gears for business equipment or reverse engineering older gears. Troubleshooting, designing, buying standard gears, installing them, troubleshooting more, and then testing the gears often takes more time and money than most businesses expect.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of custom gear manufacturing and how a specialized company can save your technicians time, money, and downtime.

1. Expert Industrial Gear Guidance

With a precision gear manufacturing company, you gain access to a team of gear experts who understand your application intimately. Customized gear engineering eliminates the stress of deciphering complex equipment and puts it in the hands of industry professionals..

An expert team will inspect your equipment, identify your gear problems, and provide detailed plans and diagrams to avoid future gear issues. The vast collection of industry knowledge that comes with a team of dedicated professionals ensures the best efficiency and longevity of your new gear system.

2. Custom Gear Engineering


Off-the-shelf gears are designed for broad applications and compatibility with many systems, but they rarely match your unique requirements perfectly. Custom gear fabrication allows you to break free of these limitations.

Mechanical engineers can meticulously design tooth profiles, materials, heat treatment, and other elements to deliver superior performance, speed, torque, or durability–all tailored to your specific needs. Precision-made custom gears are carefully crafted and have tighter quality control than off-the-shelf gears.

3. Durability & Reliability of Parts

Custom-made gears are built to last. By selecting the right materials and alloys and utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques, custom gear fabricators create components that are exceptionally durable and reliable. You’ll experience less wear and tear, which leads to superior performance and a longer lifespan for your machinery.

4. Superior Performance

Precision gear engineering doesn’t just improve durability; it unlocks superior performance. Custom gears can optimize efficiency, reduce noise and vibration, and deliver a smoother, more consistent power transfer. This translates to increased productivity and a tangible improvement in your operation’s output.

5. Speed & Efficiency

Custom gear machining offers several advantages when it comes to the actual manufacturing of gears:

  • Reduced Risk: With custom gearing, you know exactly who is crafting your gears from start to finish. It’s all done on-site with the same team of experts working together, overseeing the whole project from start to finish. They utilize precise technology and machinery to create exact specifications for gears. This gives you the peace of mind and confidence that your gears are made to the highest standards.
  • Faster Turnaround Times: Gear shaping allows us to manufacture your gears in-house and eliminates the need to ship out parts and wait for external timelines. This translates to shorter lead times and ensures you receive your gears faster, minimizing downtime for your operation.
  • Machining Efficiency: Gear shaping shops are designed specifically for one purpose: cutting gears. This focus leads to unparalleled efficiency compared to CNC turning, which only creates gears as a secondary function. A quality custom gear shaping manufacturer has optimized its process and tools to yield superior results in less time.
  • Consolidated Supply Chain: Partnering with a custom gear manufacturing company streamlines your supply chain. The entire gear production is done in-house, reducing the risk of miscommunications, shipping delays, and problems with multiple vendors to manage. This management simplification allows you to focus more on your core business activities with the confidence that your gears are being expertly crafted.

6. Time & Money Savings

technician works on custom transmission gearingWhile the upfront costs of custom gear cutting may seem higher, the benefits outweigh the initial investment. In the short term, you save the stress of figuring out complex machinery and designs, as well as the time it takes to cobble together something that works with off-the-shelf parts.

The time and troubleshooting required to design and construct a gear system with standard parts are always much higher than most companies realize, and these costs are often not factored into the cost-to-benefit analysis.

In the long term, custom precision gears experience less wear and fewer replacements, which minimizes downtime.

7. Reduced Maintenance & Downtime

An investment in precision-made custom gears means investing in less maintenance. The superior durability, craftsmanship, and optimized design lead to fewer breakdowns and lower maintenance costs. This translates to maximized uptime, keeping your machinery running smoothly and your operation productive.

You’ll free up valuable time and resources that would have been spent on repairs and replacements, allowing you to focus on core business activities.

Lawler Gear Custom Gear Manufacturing

Whether you want increased performance, enhanced reliability, or reduced downtime, custom gearing offers a compelling solution.

Lawler Gear is a custom precision gear manufacturing company in the USA based in Lee Summit, Missouri. We offer custom gear manufacturing and gear grinding services for various gears, including spur, helical, bevel, splines, sprockets, rack, and worm.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service and quality with our competitive prices, fast turnaround times, and precision machined parts. Ready to get started? Request a quote today for custom-made industrial gears and gearboxes.